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 High School  Graduation Parties and Post Prom Parties

After Prom and/or Project Graduation events are becoming increasingly more popular throughout the United States. This all night, alcohol free parties are designed to give the students away to have fun and say goodbye to their friends and classmates. There are so many activities for the students but the one they look forward to is usually the hypnotist. In a book I published* over 10 years ago, I had surveyed schools from all over the US and the number one form of entertainment the students wanted at their party was a hypnotist. A hypnosis show was mentioned  2 to 1 over a good DJ, nothing else was close.

Last year SWFB provided entertainment for over 40 events throughout New England. All of these were dates that had rebooked from the year before. Most have been a tradition for over 15 years.

Being a parent, teacher, or administrator involved with such an event, it is important to provide entertainment that is:

  • Safe for everyone in attendance

  • Age appropriate

  • Professionally done

  • Involve student participation

  • Encourage more students to attend

  • Enjoyable by all

Hypnosis is so popular because it incorporates a large deal of involvement by peers both on stage and off. Each show is created with the needs of your students in mind, all routines utilized are appropriate for high school students, and revolve around their interests. As a sponsor you can request certain themes, routines or special messages and I will do my best to accommodate your needs.

The SWFB Comedy Hypnosis Show is extremely professional with an in-depth background on how to make the event age appropriate, fast moving and tastefully done. We will personally contact the chairperson for his/her event at least two weeks prior to the program date to discuss details and exchange pertinent information. Every attempt is made to make sure all questions have been answered and all needs attended to.

I realize the performance is for the students and do everything possible to ensure the volunteers on stage and those in the audience enjoy the event and never are embarrassed in any way.

Over the past 20 years, I have entertained almost 1,000 After Prom and Project Graduation events and take pride in going the extra mile to assume total satisfaction on the part of our clients.

* The book was called "How to Throw the Perfect High School All-Night, Alcohol Free Graduation Party" This was a self-published book printed in 1998. Who knows, maybe someday I will publish a second edition with updated material... maybe!

I want you to watch this video of another hypnotist. This is the kind of routine that so many unethical hypnotists do and think it is very funny.  This is so wrong! Click here.  I promise NEVER to do anything so vulgar and irresponsible as this.