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Photos of Raffle Baskets

These are photos of some of the baskets and items I have seen. Some raffle items are more appropriate for your fundraiser so use your imagination to come away with ideas your audience might want to win.

 The Home Raffle Basket

Home decorations, candles, picture frame, gift card to local supermarket





The Family Raffle Basket

Certificates to local movie theater and museums or local attractions, family DVDs or videos with popcorn, certificate for pet grooming,  pizza certificates





The Kids Sports Raffle Basket

Soccer, football or other sports registration, books on sports or athletes, miniature golf tickets, bowling certificate or trial membership at a local martial arts studio





The Kid's Raffle Basket

Webkinz, balls, games, playing cards, books


I have seen kids baskets age appropriate, separate baskets for preschool, elementary and older kids




The Italian Raffle Basket

Pasta, sauces, wine, cheeses, olive oil, other Italian foods, Gift certificate to a local Italian Restaurant or Pizzeria


Use your imagination to come up with various other ethnic food baskets (Mexican, Thai, Chinese, etc)



The Men's Raffle Basket

Athletic club pass, AAA membership, home improvement supplies, Home Depot or Lowe's gift card, New England Patriots hat, small tools, books, calendars, tickets to a local sports team game





The Spa Raffle Basket

Gift certificates for spa treatments, massages, facials, fitness centers and pilates or other exercise classes. Books on personal care, skincare products and certificates for teeth whitening.





The Golf Raffle Basket

Golf balls and tees, books and video about golfing, magazine gift certificate, private lessons and certificate for a round of golf at local golf course.





The Beer Raffle Basket

Beer cooler, beers of the world book,  local microbrew beer or assortments of favorite lagers and ales, pilsner glasses and beer steins.






The Wine Raffle Basket

Bottles of local wines, merlot, chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon, or other wines from around the world, corkscrew, wine preserver and stoppers, and books about wines.

(As a personal note I enjoy wines from Chile and Australia)




The Craft Raffle Basket

Craft supplies too numerous to mention in a craft container, certificates from craft stores.






The Gardener's Raffle Basket

Seeds, gloves, small gardening tools, books, kneepads, all in a pail or bucket, gift cards from local nurseries






The Winter Raffle Basket

Tea pot and flavored teas of the world, flavored coffees,  hot chocolate and coffee mugs or travel mugs, fleece blanket, lift tickets for local ski area.



Don't forget to make basket for the 3 other seasons as well.



The Red Sox Raffle Basket

Various souvenirs, tickets to a game, autographs of players, hats, blankets, car magnets. This list is endless


Don't forget other local professional (major and minor league) teams from baseball  football, basketball, hockey and soccer.


Do the same for a Yankees basket


The Scratch Off Lottery Ticket Basket


This is the raffle basket that generates the most interest. Fill this basket with scratch off tickets. Depending on your event, the more value of this basket. I have seen this as small as $50 and as much as $500 worth of tickets. Don't forget to check out state laws about minors participating in this raffle.