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$$$ Fundraising Shows $$$

Why utilize the "SWFB Comedy Hypnosis Show" for your next fundraising activity?

Little advanced planning necessary

No "product sales" required

Unique approach to raising money

Fun activity that motivates your group members to work together

Attracts large audiences

Can be utilized year after year and never gets old

The attendance grows each year as everyone talks about how much fun the show was.

     Over the past 30 years, I have been asked if my comedy hypnosis show can help raise money for various groups and organizations. The answer is an astounding "YES!"  When your patrons are asked to donate money to your organization, you want to make sure the value they get for their money is worth the ticket price. And there is no better way to do this than making sure your program is filled with laughter.

     My comedy hypnosis show is up to 90 minutes of fun-filled family-friendly entertainment. It is the only show of its kind where the audience becomes the stars of the show. And because the audience is familiar with the volunteers, all the ensuing laughter is a lot more personal. And that makes for a more enjoyable time.

     Because this is your fundraiser, I charge a set fee, not a percentage like most entertainers or agencies charge.  Whether you want to raise a few extra dollars or thousands, I have the secrets to a successful project.

     Over the past few years, I have seen organizations use a few new methods to help raise additional money. Some groups works very hard and raise an incredible amount of money and some put in the minimum amount of effort and raise just enough money that they are very satisfied. I will be happy to share these secrets once we book the show.

     If your group or organization want a fun evening and raise money, this is for you. Give me a call  or email me for more details.

     Phone me at 860.803.9201  for more details.

I look forward to entertaining you soon!